The city breathes.

A blacked-out high end Mercedes sedan slowly creeps down Cedar Springs. The SMU post-grad in a much too expensive dress thrashes only slightly inside before succumbing to the final kiss of the predator sitting next to her in the back seat.

A drug hand off on the corner of Malcom X and Southland ends up with a young man slouched against the dying street lamp, his blood pooling around him on the sidewalk as he breathes his last. The lamp above him goes out as his spirit rises up to seek vengeance against those that put the bullets through him.

Under the canopy of trees in the Cedar Ridge Preserve a disheveled woman chants in front of a crude stone altar. As a spirit of Gaia materializes from the misty air, the woman shifts, and a nine foot tall killing machine stalks to a construction site to stop yet another lakefront housing development from taking form.

Darkness over Big D

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